Christian Boltanski's new work is sound, heartbeats from around the world, and is on one of the islands in Japan that seem to be dedicated to art:
Naoshima, Japan


Adrienne Grunwald

Adrienne Grunwald is a New York City based photographer

I went ahead and pulled a few images from her website.
(I like the way she designed her menu and info options).

this was taken from her (quite funny) series called "Better Something For Nothing"

from "Movements" series 

this one is from her series "Parc Chateau"
which was selected for Project Basho's Onward 11' 


Libby Rowe

This is a link to Libby Rowe's "Dwellings" series. I don't know if you guys ever got a chance to hear her speak at Watkins (Tori had her speak for my photo II class) but she is really great. I have recently been most inspired by this "Dwellings" series.



formatting for your papers

Here is the link to the Owl at Purdue - a great site to reference before you turn in your papers. Follow their ideas of formatting your paper (where to put your name) and citations.


Mary Daniel Hobson

Artist Statement

“Inspired by a dream, I have been gathering photographs from my past and bottling them. The torn edges of the photographs reference the fragmentary nature of memory. When grouped together in sets, the images take on a cubistic quality, emulating how the eye moves through a scene, never quite recording the entire picture.

I am also interested in the conflation of art and science. The photographs hover in mineral oil like specimens, once fully alive, now waiting to be analyzed. I have been particularly drawn to imagery of the natural world because it is nature that science has worked so hard to seal and study while paradoxically it is nature that holds mysteries larger than can ever possibly be contained.”