Last Week!

Is it required for art to be pleasurable?

How do we break down the binary system (masculine/feminine) in cultural ideology? 

Without destruction can there be creation?

Is it possible for a photograph to not be nostalgic?

How do we find our audience?

Sam's Questions

1. What defines a photograph?

2. Are there standards?

3. Is criticism necessary?

4. Who has the ownership of the photograph?

5. How important is the artist life's role in the art they are making?


Lauren's Questions

1. What is the importance of the title- and how does it effect the work?

2. Do we as viewers and artists have to agree with the 'authority' that a work IS art? If not, then what happens- how do we challenge the authority?

3. Which is more important when determining a work of art- the system behind it or the viewers opinion?

4. What is the role of the museum? Is the art still considered art once it has left the museum walls or if it even makes it to the museum walls... Does it's importance change?

5. Which audience is considered more important? (What I mean is, is the every day outside world more important or those who constantly attend gallery shows and are more 'trained'?)

Camille's Questions to Class #2

1.) How does painting relate to photography?
2.) How does the relatively short history effect how we study photography?
3.) Are all judgments of art equal?
4.) What distinguishes an art object from all other non-art objects in the world?
5.) Why is recognition required? IS recognition required?


Kevin's Questions

Will professional photography exist, outside fine art, 10 years from now?
Where would we be as a society without the ability to capture an image?
Do the classic art forms hold more of an aura than photography, if so why?
Can digital photography hold the same truth as the early photographic processes?
How much of our personality be extracted from our photographic work?


Images of Violence in Tucson

There was an art opening, already scheduled, that took place in Tucson the same day of the shootings this month. Oddly (or poetically) enough, the opening was for Francois Robert, whose work of photographs are of bones arranged in shapes that are symbols of violence, as the one above.


Questions from the readings 1.25.11

Why do we interpret art?

Does an/a illness/disability add or subtract to an artist's effectiveness?

What is perfection?

Why is art adaptive to change?

Does the term "art" say as much as a photograph can? (This question may not be effective or invalid)

Hey all
Here is a pdf of Camera Lucida. Its A little crappy, but can get you started until the book arrives.


How Does Photography Change Things?

Click! Photography Changes Everything

This Smithsonian site addresses the question, "how does photography change things?" Among the issues painted broadly - how does photography change who we are, what we do, what we want, and then posts stories that draw a finer line such as Wendy Ewalds's - How Photography changes personal history, or Hany Farid's - Photography changes what we are willing to believe.


Lauren Steinburg

Testing, 1, 2.

                                                        (c) Lauren Steinberg

I found Lauren Steinburg on TriangleTriangle
She photographs signage, storefronts, and landscapes in older LA neighborhoods. 

You can see Lauren's complete series on her website.

And, if you want, you can follow her blog.